Thermally toughened profiled glass Appleton Uniprof™ T is specially designed to satisfy increased safety requirements within common areas of public buildings. This product variant provides greater mechanical strength compared to its annealed version, allowing the creation of large surfaces that are bright whilst also meeting all safety requirements. In addition it allows for longer installation lengths in comparison with standard Appleton Uniprof™. Heat soaked thermally toughened glass is available upon request. 

Appleton Uniprof™ T Tough Safety Glass is toughened heat soak tested CCC marked u-channel glass.  The CCC mark has been achieved by compliance with GB15763.2 which is currently the standard for thermally toughened safety glass in China.  This makes Appleton Uniprof™ T Safety glass suitable for use in critical locations where safety glass is required.  Toughening is offered for all Appleton Uniprof™ u-channel glass surface textures in lengths up to 7 metres.  The toughened glass can also be sandblasted for a matt finish or painted.  Appleton Uniprof™ Colour enamelled glass is toughened as a matter of course during the enamelling process.
 In order to minimise the risk of fracture from nickel sulphite inclusions, which can cause spontaneous breakages in fully toughened glass, Appleton Uniprof™ T Safety Glass could be heat soak tested in Appleton' heat soak testing chambers, which are specifically designed to test u-channel glass and are subject to regular independent inspection and testing.